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About shay

Shay is a Life Coach, Creative Consultant and Animation Director at Nickelodeon Studios. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Computer Animation at Full Sail University and has been working, professionally, in the film, television and game industry for over 14 years. In the animation industry, Shay is known for her intangible acting skills which relate to her lifetime obsession with human behavior and psychology. 

Since childhood, Shay had a blossoming curiosity that she couldn’t shake. She always wanted to know more about why people were the way they were, why they did the things they did, and so forth. Complimenting her natural tendencies, Shay’s dream job as a child was to be a Professional Animator and to work on a feature film with a big, reputable company. With her drive and passion for creating, Shay did just that. She attended college, graduated at the top of her class, and within 3 months, Shay landed her first job as a professional Animator.

Growing up to be a professional Animator only exaggerated everything Shay already was. Animation is all about character development and Shay is, personally, all about personal development. For that reason, Shay aspired to become a Life Coach because, throughout her lifetime, She’s noticed that people seem to need help with familiarizing themselves with the intricate facets of life that accumulate into what we later assume is “our destiny”. Thinking, in particular. But also, they seem to need help with establishing a stable (and believable) mindset. As well as a desire for present moment affairs and mindfulness. Reason being, as a culture, we are always looking for the next thing; even when the next thing is happening right before our very eyes.


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Growing up, Shay was a skinny kid but after college, she gained about 80lbs and became quite unhealthy. She even smoked cigarettes, avidly. Long story short, Shay grew to be the biggest she’s ever been (235lbs) and maintained her heavyset weight and an unhealthy lifestyle for years until her father died. After Shay’s Father died in 2014, Shay slipped into an even more unhealthy state and knew it was time to turn things around. She researched and schooled herself on both health and fitness, and became obsessed with studying both. Naturally, Shay ended up losing 65lbs and gained lean muscle with a muscle mass of around 78%. On top of it all – her immune system was very poor. Shay has transitioned to someone who would get sick every month to rarely getting sick at all. Needless to say, this journey was the key to Shay becoming a certified Health and Nutritional Coach – to help people get over the hump against all odds.


Although, she has never had it easy. Shay has been blessed to achieve a wide range of success in the most important areas of life at a young age. The journey was hard - it was grueling. And, most of her success was heavily dependent on her faith, style of thinking, and will to persevere.


Her life experiences and personal stories will floor you, and more importantly, help you see how to find your way when you “know” there’s no way.

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