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Be Better Than You is a calling to raise the level of competition within yourself.

We live in a world that thrives on competition. We, naturally, love competing with others and comparing ourselves to others as a motivation to get better and be better. And, while healthy competition is conducive to success, competition, by comparison, is conducive to self-destruction.
It’s common practice to compare ourselves to others in all areas of life, especially those who are, seemingly, better than us. But when you think about the fact that we are wildly unique beings with a purpose of our own, it almost sounds silly to not only compare ourselves to others but beat ourselves up for not aligning with someone else’s unique destiny!
With Be Better Than You, we believe that the mindset of trying to be better than others is a recipe for failure. Instead, we promote a hard focus on everyone's favorite subject - themselves. Our mission is to ignite your insight, embrace imperfection, and prioritize growth so you can ultimately reach your potential and be better than you.


Change the trajectory of your life today.

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