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 Raise the level of competition within yourself.

We live in a world that thrives on competition. We, naturally, love competing with others and comparing ourselves to others as a motivation to get better and be better. And, while healthy competition is conducive to success, competition, by comparison, is conducive to self-destruction.
It’s common practice to compare ourselves to others in all areas of life, especially those who are, seemingly, better than us. However, the reality is, we are wildly unique beings
with a purpose of our own. With that in mind, it almost sounds silly to, not only, compare ourselves to others but beat ourselves up for not aligning with someone else’s unique destiny.

Be Better Than You promotes a laser focus on everyone's favorite subject: themselves.

Our mission is to demonstrate that you already have everything you need to take your life to the next level. That there's nothing you need to change. The key to life, success, and your well-being is understanding. We help ignite insight by broadening your perspective and helping you see the advantages of who you are, what you do, what you have and all you know to reach your potential and consistently be better than you.



Shay Stone is a Life Coach, Creative Consultant, and Animation Director at Nickelodeon Studios.

She earned her Bachelor's degree in Computer Animation at Full Sail University and has been working, professionally, in the film, television, and game industry for over 14 years. She's worked on popular features such as Encanto, Strange World, Hotel Transylvania III, Smurfs: The Lost Villiage, The Emoji Movie, The Last of Us, and The Sims 4, to name a few.


In the animation industry, Shay is known for portraying the inner essence of the characters she animates, along with her intangible acting skills which relate to her lifetime obsession with human behavior and psychology. 

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Since childhood, Shay had a blossoming curiosity that she couldn’t shake. For the good and the bad, her interest lay in discovering why people were the way they were. How, when, and why people did the things they did; and how it all related to the result. Complimenting her natural tendency of observation, since the age of 7, Shay’s dream was to become a professional Animator and work on feature films with a big, reputable company like Disney. With her drive, passion, and unwavering faith, that's exactly what happened. She attended college, graduated at the top of her class, and within 3 months, Shay landed her first job as a professional Animator in New Zealand to begin her career.

Growing up to be an Animator only exaggerated everything Shay already was. Animation is all about character development and Shay is, personally, all about personal development. For that reason, Shay aspired to become a Life Coach and is actively helping clients pursue their goals.

Getting to know Shay, is to know that nothing comes easy; you must put in the work to achieve your desires, and that involves every layer of your being. Her journey was hard; wildly discouraging and grueling, at times. As she shares in her book, Be Better Than You, most of her success is heavily dependent on her faith, style of thinking, perspective, and will to persevere.


Buckle up as her life experiences and personal stories will floor you, and more importantly, help you see how to find your way when you “know” (believe) there’s no way.

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